Returning to the Default of Grace

In a world gone mad, we have an eternal hope.

When the surgeon requires more than an hour and a four inch plate to put your collarbone back together, you know the healing process will take a minute. When he tells you on your post surgery call that the break was worse than he expected, you know the next couple of weeks will be pretty uneventful because you won’t be doing much while you heal.

The question becomes, then, what lesson can I learn while I sit and heal? I was feeling good about where I was in terms of writing and my health. This break is a setback on both counts. But nothing happens to us that can’t be a learning or teaching moment.

I had some initial thoughts. The first was about the nerve block that not just blocked pain, but also temporarily paralyzed my right arm. No matter how hard I tried to move it, it stayed flopped and motionless. I thought, that’s kind of like faith. It’s pretty useless to have a faith that isn’t connected to the Source. My arm may have been connected physically to my body, but without the nerves, it served no purpose except to fill the sling I have to wear for the next couple of weeks. I may come back to that idea.

But I think for today, I need to consider what my sweet friend, Deborah, reminded me, “Default to Grace, my friend, even and especially with yourself.” That’s a good word.

I don’t know about you, dear reader, but I have found myself angry the last couple of weeks. Maybe angry is too strong a word. Perturbed? Outraged? Astonished? That might be the best word. Astonished at world events. Astonished at national incompetence. Astonished at the great divide, not just over black and white, but even over varying shades of gray. It’s a mess out there! The more I sit still, the more I read. The more I read, the more worked up I get. And to what end? Do my emotions solve national and international crises? Do I accomplish anything in the comments sections where much of my writing has been lately?

My Medium description says this:

Just a woman wanting to love Jesus and love people better every day. Learning to make grace my default. Truth is my sword. Faith is my shield.

How does my outrage/astonishment/anger toward the world around me accomplish a…



Defaulting to Grace and other observations

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