January Book Report

A new year

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David Grann (2017). Killers of the Flower Moon. Vintage Books.

With the movie now available on streaming services, I decided to reread the book. (I did the same for All the Light We Cannot See.)

I first read the book in 2019, when I lived in Vegas. I remembered the story, but I must have read it more closely this time because I was aware of the evil in the characters more than I recall from the first reading. The cruelty and manipulations of William K. Hale, the deceitfulness of Ernest Burkhart, the callousness of H.G. Burt, the murderous malpractice of the Shoun brothers, and the unfettered violence of Kelsie Morrison, Bryan Burkhart, Burt Lawson, and Blackie Thompson were all driven by greed and a lust for power that corrupted everything and nearly everyone they touched.



Defaulting to Grace and other observations

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