I didn’t expect this, either

October is becoming scary for me in unexpected ways!

If October is about skeletons for many people. I figured I could share mine, too. Mine, however is my real broken clavicle that will be held together with plates and screws in a few hours.

X-ray of a broken clavicle

It was just a walk! I didn’t really want to go out, but discipline in health matters for long term results. I did a little jogging and a fair amount of walking when I passed a short, steep hill in the neighborhood next to mine. I like a short, steep hill; I feel powerful when I run to the top. So I ran to the top and turned around. I do NOT run steep downhills; I might fall. Evidently I shouldn’t walk down them either, because BOOM. My left foot missed the pavement (I must have miscalculated the slope) and I landed on my right shoulder. I knew immediately that something wasn’t right, but I got up and walked back home.

A trip to urgent care verified that my pain was not imaginary. And in a few minutes, I head to the surgeon to put this Humpty Dumpty together again.

Somewhere there is a lesson to be learned. It may simply be to be careful not to deFALL to Grace- because that is in no way, shape, or form graceful.

I will ponder the spiritual implications as I heal.



Defaulting to Grace and other observations

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